Myers Seth Pumps (MSP) has been in business since 1991, manufacturing high quality industrial pumps in Jacksonville, Florida. We started with a single product and have since expanded our product line to eight other types of pumps. Our “Built For Battle” Advanced Pump Engineering enables us to produce some of the most durable and efficient industrial pumps in the marketplace.


Since 1991, we have worked hard to create a company culture that attracts, retains and rewards people committed to our high standards of excellence. We expect only the best from ourselves, our staff and our suppliers. We believe in the principles of Christ-centered business practices and servant leadership, and demonstrate that belief by giving back to our community with our resources and our time.

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    Teresa Myers Chief Executive Officer

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    Douglas Myers President

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Our Story

Myers Seth Pumps (MSP) has been manufacturing rugged industrial construction site dewatering pumps in Jacksonville, FL since 1991. MSP founders, Doug and Teresa Myers, started with a single product and have since expanded our line with our rotary lobe and patented double diaphragm (DD) pumps. This includes our unprecedented, patented DD6 pump – at 6” the DD6 has surpassed and set new industry standards for output, low fuel requirements, low operating costs and durability. Other pumps include: our DD-4S series in Trailer, Skid and Barge models; and our Rotary Lobe 8-inch and 12-inch models for high-volume output.

The consistent upgrading of the pumps have made Myers Seth Pumps the standard in the industrial pump marketplace. But are consistently innovating our product lines. “The double diaphragm pump has not hit its full potential in the industry yet, and I believe it has been undervalued,” explains Doug Myers, MSP president and senior engineer.

“Our DD4 and DD6 models can actually take the place of nearly any other style of pump, to service nearly every application, because of increased flows and reduced fuel and operation costs…. Especially with the addition of our patented six-inch double diaphragm with incredible output.

The DD6 and DD4 also has the option of being fitted with a silent semi-enclosed motor. Our DD6 SAFE line offers a fully enclosed model for noise reduction in sound-sensitive areas,” said Doug. “We are constantly making our pumps better, and will continue to take the bar higher with every passing year, to continue to surpass the industry standards for our buyers, renters and clients.”

Our History

MSP’s president, Doug Myers, have been building pumps since the 1970s where he became familiar with the simple, yet effective advantages of the double-diaphragm technologies for various dewatering applications. In 1991, he purchased and renamed Myer-Seth Pumps with a vision to engineer the finest double diaphragm pumps available in the market.

Using his US Navy and aerospace engineering background, Doug hand-built an improved version of the contractor’s models to make them highly rugged and also some of the most efficient, repairable pumps made. Within a short period of time, MSP customers and contractors noticed the extraordinary durability, output, and versatility of the DD-Series 4-inch and 6-inch pumps, and their reputation and business rapidly grew over the next several years.

Several enhancements have been implemented including adding the elite Hatz engine and moving it to the front, belt-driven technology for increased longevity, and integrating the fuel tank into the frame, to increased fuel efficiencies while decreasing refueling frequencies. Doug also added a heavier duty gearbox plus developed a special biodegradable gear oil which keeps MSP pumps outlasting others, even under the most harsh conditions.

Myer Seth Pumps has recently added its 4-inch barge pump to serve the nautical industry, the only product of its kind on the market, and is continuing to bring the highest-quality pumps to the market.

MSP is also developing it’s Global Dealer Network of qualified pump distributors to serve customers and industries around the world!

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