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At MSP we are seeking to build our network of qualified U. S. and global dealers. As a qualified MSP dealer/distributor you would be able to participate in our partner territories as well as our attractive dealer pricing model.

Our executive, sales, and marketing teams support our dealers with significant partner benefits which include:
• Wholesale pricing
• Parts and supplies discounts
• Sales and product training
• Print and digital marketing and promotional materials
• Pump customization to meet country specifications

Contact Teresa Myers or Doug Myers for more information and to request a Dealer Application at 904-389-6114

MSP Dealer

MSP Dealers


Diesel Power Ltd.
Rapidex Ltd.

Clay Carrington, CEO
[email protected]
+64 22 190 8888
11 Airdrie Road, Swanson, Auckland 0612, NZ

NEW ZEALAND – Clay Carrington, Diesel Power

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