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The process of selecting dewatering pumps can be a challenging task given the various models and technologies available from dozens of manufacturers in the marketplace. Myers Seth Pumps patented signature 4 inch and 6 inch Double Diaphragm pumps. Unique in versatility and fuel efficiency, enabling our customers to move water and sludge at a lower overall cost.

Our patented High Volume Double Diaphragm pumps significantly improve upon the efficiency and reliability that the most terrible jobs demand in comparison to the piston, rotary, sludge and centrifugal pumps, as well as other standard diaphragm pumps. These High Volume Diaphragm Pumps provide, on average, 25 percent greater volume flow, more substantial solids handling, consistency in running dry, higher head pressures with more significant fuel savings than other models available on the market.

For many years, the Double Diaphragm pumps have nearly disappeared in the market due to outdated design and limited applications. At Myer Seth Pumps we have redesigned and updated the design of this most efficient technology making our Double Diaphragm Series pumps capable of outperforming our competitors in both applications as well as efficiency.

For many contractors, these pumps have become invaluable tools because of their capability and reliability to perform in extreme conditions and where they have to run for long periods of time unattended. Maintenance needed on these pumps is minimal and easy to implement at minimum cost. Their reliability and performance do not diminish like other pumps due to numerous parts, associated with other centrifugal units, i.e., impeller, mechanical seals, wear plates, volume wear. Our high volume double diaphragm has none of these parts, providing ideal performance throughout the pumps’ life cycle.

If parts are needed, they are readily available at a reasonable cost and can be shipped next day to most locations. The principal markets we currently serve include Government, Municipal, Construction Contractor, Utility Contractor, Oil and Gas, Mining, Marine Contractors, Environmental Contractors, Dewatering Contractors, Construction Rental, and Barge Cleaning, among others.

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    These are truly great as advertised ours has been performing as if brand new still with no part failure yet whatsoever.

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