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At Myers Seth, we believe that the use of a double diaphragm pump is hugely undervalued. Designing and producing several double diaphragm pumps within our fleet has proven to be what sets us apart from competitors.

Our innovative design and unique engineering will help you get the job down proficiently and rapidly. Even the most robust job sites are no challenge to our pumps. From our Double Diaphragm 4” Trailer Pump to our Double Diaphragm 6” Skid Pump, we have everything covered.Myers-Seth Pumps Logo

Decisions, Decisions

The advantages of our pumps include the simple design and easy-going use of the strength and sturdiness of numerous functions of dewatering.

Our DD-6 models are perfect for construction sites, utility, oil and gas, and municipal applications. Some of the features that are associated with our pumps include an air-cooled diesel engine, a 9 to 12 day running period, fuel capacity of up to 71 gallons, and consumption ranging from 6 to 7 gallons per day. You will find these pumps most convenient for sewage pumping, clearing out manholes, and filling water trucks along with industrial application like food processing pumps, dirty water, and flood drainage.

Our DD-4 models have a smaller air-cooled diesel engine, operating time ranges from 3 to 4 days and can run dry. Fuel capacity is up to 16 gallons with consumption from 5 to 6 gallons per day. Our DD-4 Barge High-Volume Pump has a heavy-duty frame able to withstand harsh environments. They require low maintenance with a stress-free cleanout process. From top to bottom, they are covered with a protective coat to prevent corrosion and oxidation for the highest longevity.

What You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Myers Seth’s Double Diaphragm pumps have the capability of running for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Most pumps will not last if they run dry. That is not the case with Myers Seth Pumps; our pumps will not be harmed regardless of running dry. Our 4” pumps can run for up to 7 days, and our 6” pumps can keep on trucking for up to 12 days continuously on one tank of diesel.

At Myers Seth Pumps, we guarantee consistent cutting-edge design, maximum durability, fair costs, and one-of-a-kind pumps that will exceed all expectations. You’re investing in a pump with a longer lifespan, over 30% more fuel efficiency, and customer service that is available 24 hours a day and technicians with a ton of experience. We’re ready to have you join our family!

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