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Not All Pumps Are Built The Same

One MSP Pump Does the Job of Many. The DD-6 combines the key duty points and features of a 4” double diaphragm pump, a 6” Piston pump, a 6” auto prime centrifugal pump, and an 8” rotary lobe pump into one versatile and powerful machine! In addition, the DD-6 is ideal for construction, utility, government, oil & gas, and municipality applications. In addition, the DD-6 utilizes its patented, custom-designed Enduro™ diaphragm for improved durability, efficiency and production.

How We Do It

Here at MSP, our pumps also boast innovative design and engineering that help you get the job done efficiently and quickly. Whether the application is construction, agriculture, public works, dewatering, mining, sewer/lift stations or water/waste water, a Myers-Seth Pump is critical to conquering the toughest jobsites. Our precision manufacturing process and durable, high-quality finish increase the longevity of our pumps, delivering you a better overall value.

Confused about which pump would be appropriate for your application? We have your answer. Fill out the Contact Us form with your project information and our engineers will review to help determine the proper type of pump and capacity ideal for your job.

Extreme Fuel Efficiency

Our double diaphragm pumps are extremely fuel efficient and can run 24/7. Therefore , it can even run dry without any harm to the pump. Additionally, the 6-inch can run up to 12 days continuously on one tank of diesel and the 4-inch can run for 7 days.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance requirements and costs on Myers Seth DD Series pumps is a fraction of other competitive pumps. In addition, repairs are generally quick and easy. Therefore, it can also be performed on site at 10% the costs of other pumps on average.

Versatile Applications

The key markets we currently serve also include Government, Municipal, Construction, Utility, Oil and Gas, Mining, Marine, Farming, Environmental, Dewatering, Construction Rental, and Barge Cleaning, among others.

Powder-Coated Frame

Our custom powder-coated finish provides superior pump durability and longevity. In addition, the 9ml baked-on armor coating is not only attractive, but prevents metal corrosion and oxidation for preservation and structural integrity.

Need Noise Reduction?

Our exclusive DD6 SAFE (Sound Attenuated Fully Enclosed) trailer model offers efficient portability, precision-insulated, and encased design with additional functionality for nearly 50% noise reduction in sound-sensitive areas.

Our "Double Diaphragm Tough" Pledge

We will consistently design and manufacture the most durable, cost-efficient, and versatile dewatering pumps that meet and exceed industry standards, and serve our customers and dealers with the utmost product quality and integrity.

Why Choose Us?

Welcome to MSP pumps! Our patented DD-Series pumps are the most sought-after solution for industrial pump applications. Also, our 4-inch and 6-inch double diaphragm pumps are famous for being the most versatile, dependable and longest lasting pumps on the market. They also require minimal repairs, provide the most reliable flow output for the lowest fuel consumption, long-lasting engines and gearboxes, and move large solids. Therefore, you can count on MSP for the most durable simplicity of design, plus extreme function in industrial pumps.

In addition, Seth Pumps conquers the toughest jobs on time, and under budget. It’s above the industry standards—therefore, saving you time and money!

Review our fleet of pumps and contact us to discuss your specific needs and the MSP solutions that is right for you.

MSP Advantages

• Greater Flow and Output Speeds
• 50% Greater Gearbox Torque
• 50,000 Hours Gearbox Rating—Over 7-times greater than most other pumps.
• 9mm Powder-coated, Baked-On Finish
• Quick and Easy Repairs at 10% the costs of other pumps on average.
• Average 33% More Fuel Efficiency
• Longer Pump Lifespan
• Greater Resale Value

24 hour Customer Service

Please call 904-903-1090 or 904-476-4111 to reach our emergency service line. A service technician will call you back immediately. Please tell us:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Address of job
  • Detailed description of the problem
Key Product Applications
  • Sock Drain
  • Wellpoint Systems
  • Open Sump Dewatering
  • Pond Dewatering
  • Kelly Wells Pumping for open Trench Boxes
  • Sludge & Slurry & Sewage
  • Storm Water Pumping
  • Barge & Tank Cleanout Pumping
  • Pulp & Paper Pumping
Depend on MSP

Our professional pump service and comprehensive technical support has earned us the reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and reliable companies in our industry.

26. Years in Business  |  1560. Pumps Sold  |  337 Billion. Gallons of Water Pumped!

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