MSP Company Principles

Making a Difference in Lives of the People and Businesses We Serve

Why We Are In Business:

  • To be a transforming influence in the success and growth of the people and businesses we
    serve, employ, and partner with.
  • To be recognized as a leader in providing highest-quality, custom pump products and services for efficiently moving and removing water.
  • To influence the lives of our employees and the businesses we touch through Christ-centered best-practices and culture.

How We Do It:

  • Conduct ourselves in all areas of business and life that reflects our commitment to and faith in Jesus Christ according to His Word and direction for our lives and purpose for our business.
  • Drive sales and rentals through direct sales and targeted dealer relationships and channels.
  • Secure intellectual capital of MSP pumps’ unique and constantly innovating technology and design.
  • Constant innovation of our Advanced Pump Technology to consistently produce and deliver unique, industry-advancing products, programs, and services that improve the capabilities and bottom-line results for our customers.
  • Securing new business and retaining existing clients centered on building relationships, high-quality customer service, and consistently delivering the best products in the marketplace.
  • Hire the most qualified, self-motivated people with vision for innovation and growth, contribute to team-centric culture, and possess transparent and collaborative work ethic.

What We Do:

  • Build and provide the highest-quality pumps at the most reliable and lowest cost of operation.
  • Sell, Rent and Service pump equipment and technology that serves the industrial communities and businesses in need of dewatering products.
  • Build relationships with existing and prospective customers to meet and exceed their pumps expectations that are vital to their business.
  • “We used a DD6 and it ran non-stop in wellpoint use, for seven days. I also love MSP’s silent model. It is so silent we thought it wasn’t on! We had to walk over to it and then I could hear the water moving, so we knew it was working. That was amazing. As a company I don’t know what you could do to improve. I am very happy with your products and service.”

    Howard Peeler Dale Excavating
  • "I have worked with MSP for 8-9 years and any time I put one of their pumps on a project I know I don't have to worry about it. I know it will more than do the job—it's one less thing I have to worry about. I won't go anywhere else!"

    Anthony JB Coxwell
  • "This pump is amazing considering we mainly use it for de-watering ponds or streams while earth works are being done. It runs on fumes and just keeps going—so we are very happy with our pump."

    Gavin (in New Zealand) Goodman Contractors
  • “The Myers Seth Pump is the best way to go, if you are going to have a business that needs to run pumps.”

    Mike Stokes Sawcross
  • "Competitively MSP’s DD 4-inch does the job for much less fuel consumption and higher output, plus the rental rates are also less than with the 4-inch centrifugal. The fuel consumption ratio to GPM performance is unmatched. This leads to an amazing performance metric. There is just nothing out there in a fuel consumption vs GMP ratio that can compete. Plus the initial investment is much less—in fact, several thousand dollars cheaper."

    Morrey Burns Burns Dewatering
  • "The 6-inch DD pump is definitely one of a kind and top of the line, and replaces any piston pump. The 4-inch DD is also top of the line. And their silent units are critical to the industry. They have a new niche in the market, and have won their customers over."

    John Sepa Global Pump, division of Mersino Dewatering
  • "We like the MSP product better, because they're easier to work with, and have much lower maintenance issues than the competitors. While nothing is ever perfect, MSP is the most consistent in keeping things in line and their durability is second to none. They build their pumps to meet and exceed our demands."

    Rick Sunbelt Rentals

Since 1997, we have created and embraced a company culture that attracts, retains and rewards people committed to our high standards of excellence.

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