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Starting over 25 years ago in Jacksonville, FL, Myers Seth Pumps has been creating high-quality industrial pumps. We expect the best in ourselves so the customers can expect the same. For all your dewatering pump needs, Myers Seth Pumps, Inc. is always available to help.

By just filling out a form through our website, our team will contact you with what we think is the right pump for your needs.

Services Offered

During business hours, Myers Seth is open to any questions or concerns. Including pump services and repairs that may arise. Outside of these hours, we have an automated messaging system that will take calls and notify the on-call service technician to be with you immediately. If a phone call is inconvenient, we also offer a form for customers to fill out and a representative will contact you within 24 hours guaranteed!

With almost any product, repairs will need to be made routinely. Luckily, Myers Seth Pumps are easy to repair, and our competitive hourly rate is unmatched. Myers Seth Pumps is reputable and reliable amongst the opposition.

In Florida, more likely than not, we have rain almost every day throughout the “summer” months. With rain building up all over South Florida, it’s difficult to get a handle on the water flooding everywhere.

Products Offered

Our pumps are extremely fuel efficient, low maintenance, and durable. Our patented Double Diaphragm Pump is also the first pump we manufactured. Contractors across the United States utilize our double diaphragm pump because of their fuel efficiency, dewatering applications, etc.

Part of our DD series includes pumps like the DD-4S Barge High Volume Pump that was newly added to our fleet and DD-6 SAFE High Volume Pump are both perfect for open pit dewatering, pumping utility holes, cleaning cesspools, and septic tanks. We also offer trailer pumps that can travel on anything with a hitch attached to it. Versatility is what you’ll find amongst our several different pumps. The Double Diaphragm option is still ahead of its time in the industry and undervalued, so they’re one of a kind.

Having nearly twice the lifespan of other industrial pumps coupled with high fuel efficiency and cutting-edge design is a continued promise from our merchandises.

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