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RL-200 Pump | Myers-Seth Pumps


RL-200 Rotary Lobe 8″ Pump. MSP’s RL-200 8-inch rotary pump is a positive displacement, self-priming pump that provides maximum dewatering performance and is the ideal solution for ground water applications like well-pointing and sock drain systems.  These pumps are extremely heavy duty in design and functionality and are also highly fuel efficient (half of the burn rate of most other comparable competitor’s pumps), due to the advanced engineering harmonization between the pump and the power system (Duetz engine). The RL-200 tank hold 125 gallons, providing more than a week of run time, as compared to the typical industry standard two-day run time.

Comparing fuel burn rates at engine speeds of 1800 rpm’s, a Myers Seth rotary lobe pump consumes 18 gallons per 24-hours vs competitor’s 36 gallons per 24-hours. This provides a savings of 18 gallons a day, or 126 gallons per week or 504 gallons per month—equaling an average savings of $1500.00 per month in fuel costs.

The MSP rotary lobe pump’s efficiency provides even greater cost savings the more it is run. If run continuously, would require fill ups 52 times a year, which is 130 fill ups less than the competition’s best standard of 182 fill ups.  This is a savings in fuel (at $3 a gallon) per year, of $48,750.

RL-200 Rotary Lobe 8" Pump Features
  • Heavy duty constructed frame and pump components
  • Designed to withstand the harshest environments
  • Powder coated frame and pump body
  • Self-contained 125.0 gallon fuel tank
  • Moderate Heads to 175 Feet
  • Maximum Flows to 1,450 GPM
  • Capability of Dry Running for Short Periods
  • High Efficiency
  • High Reliability

Construction: Pumping open pit dewatering, wellpointing, sock drain application, sewage bypass pumping, cleaning manholes, and filling water trucks.

Water Treatment: Pumping out neutralized sludge’s, cleaning cesspools, septic tanks, and force main pumping.

Industrial: Pumping out sludge’s, food processing pumping, bilge pumping, tank transfer, raw sewage, dirty water, and flood drainage.

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