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The RL-200, a wellpoint dewatering pump, is perfect for displacing large amounts of water that is in the way for construction sites.

The Specifics

The RL-200 is an 8×8 rotary pump and is in itself a positive displacement, and self-priming pump that allows for heavy duty use, but also to be friendly for fuel use, as it runs at half of the standard burn rate as its competitor water pumps. That means not only are you completing your jobs at the same rate as normal, but you will be saving money on fuel and participating in a greener form of water displacement. This is because of the pump’s advanced technologies composing its coordination between the pump system and its power system.

Another comparison between the RL-200 and the standard water pump is its general capabilities. By using less fuel being over a period of time compared to its competitors, RL-200 can actually run for a longer period of time without stopping.

To round things off, with this water pump you can expect its tank to hold up to 126 gallons before needing to be empty.

The Features

  • Highly efficient and reliable.
  • The pump can run dry for short periods of time.
  • Has a powder coated pump body and frame.
  • A heavy-duty frame and with pump components, and is able to resist the harshest of environments.

Myers-Seth Pumps

Our DD Series pumps have become a benchmark for diaphragm pumps. The DD series pumps are excellent for Open-pit dewatering, Kelly wells, pumping out of utility holes, cleaning cesspools and septic tanks, small sock-drain, and small well-point systems. Our newest pump in the fleet is our DD-4S Barge pump.

Myers-Seth Pumps have been creating ‘Battle-Ready’ pumps for over 20 years. In that time we have established ourselves as one of the leading innovators in water pump technology and performance. If you would like to learn more about our pump systems, give us a call today!



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