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Do you need a Dewatering Pump?

When it comes to construction sites, there may come a time when water needs to be removed from the site. This can be anything from the removal of a pond or the complete lowering of the groundwater level below a construction site.

In instances like these, a dewatering pump will need to be brought in to aid in water removal before construction can take place.

One thing to take into consideration at this point though, can the ground become dewatered? There are some soils that will not give up the water. If this becomes the case, an alternate course will deal with counteracting the inclusion of the site’s groundwater.

Why you should use a Myers-Seth Pump

Simply, Myers-Seth only offers the best pumps available. MSP’s president has been building pumps since the 1970s. It was during this time that he became familiar with the advantages of utilizing the double-diaphragm technologies for various dewatering applications. This simple fact, coinciding with the company having over twenty years of experience under its belt means that Myers-Seth will not disappoint.

Myers-Seth Pumps

Our DD Series pumps have become a benchmark for diaphragm pumps. The DD series pumps are excellent for Open-pit dewatering, Kelly wells, pumping out of utility holes, cleaning cesspools and septic tanks, small sock-drain, and small well-point systems. Our newest pump in the fleet is our DD-4S Barge pump.

Myers-Seth Pumps have been creating ‘Battle-Ready’ pumps for over 20 years. In that time we have established ourselves as one of the leading innovators in water pump technology and performance. If you would like to learn more about our pump systems, give us a call today!



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Working with a DD4 Barge Pump