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There are many jobs that, though may be necessary, are not exactly the most desirable, due to the hardships one would face in trying to complete. These can include construction work, waste management, or even lawn maintenance. But, one area that is often more challenging to work in is underground storm drains and other water systems. On top of working in a confined space, and the presence of unpleasant odors, you also have to deal with the soggy, uncomfortable nature of the work environment.underground storm drain in need of dewatering pump

Dealing with the Problem

So, how do you deal with having to push your way through stagnant water that is typical of these types of jobs? Well, the obvious course of action is to obtain a pump that can remove the water present inside. A smaller, more portable pump is considered ideal when completing this type of work, as many people feel that they should be able to move the pump with them as they work. That said, it may be better to work with a more powerful dewatering or sludge pump; though you lose some of the mobility from using a smaller unit, with one of our dewatering pumps you will be able to quickly and reliably clear out any standing water that may be present in the drain.

The larger and more powerful pumps also allow you to cleanly pump the water and can handle any larger debris still present that the smaller pumps cannot handle.

Myers-Seth Pumps

Running water in the workplaceMyers-Seth Pumps have been creating ‘Battle-Ready’ pumps for over 20 years. In that time, we have established ourselves as one of the leading innovators in water pump technology and performance. If you would like to learn more about our pump systems, give us a call today!

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