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There are a few different ways one may choose to dewater a location, though it usually involves utilizing a water pump of some kind. That being said, not all sites can use the same type of pump, and therein know which pump to use is very important to complete your job on time. One such process of dewatering is utilizing a wellpoint dewatering pump, and with it, comes a particular type of dewatering process.

What Makes It Different?

Wellpoint dewatering involves mounting a closely spaced line of small diameter wells alongside an excavation or a ring of wells around an excavation. Each well is known as a ‘wellpoint’ and is designed to be low in cost and hardy in design and materials.

The wellpoint pump utilizes the suction principle, having a partial vacuum draw groundwater up against the pressure of the atmosphere.

When to Apply Wellpoint Dewatering

Though wellpoint dewatering can be deployed as a ‘static’ system in the form of a ring around the excavation site, the wellpoint method does not work so well when used in soils with low permeability, i.e., silty sands. This is because the vacuum sought after in these locations may be insufficient in achieving an adequate drawdown of groundwater levels.

When it comes to timely and effective dewatering, wellpoint is your best option. Though the process of set up and establishing it may take longer due to the intricacy of it, that is due to its capability at clearing out the location.


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  • Michaela Hemsley

    Thanks for pointing out that wellpoint dewatering systems are made to be economical and durable in design and materials. I think that would be very useful if you needed to dewater a bigger construction site or needed to use that process often since it would help you save money. It would also probably be nice since it would help you be more efficient since you would have to worry about trying to get through the water to get the job done.

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