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Great minds think alike. In the case of Myers Seth Pumps, our founders had the same thinking to create a company that has now been manufacturing pumps for over 25 years. From the beginning of the business, Douglas had the determination to make efficient double-diaphragm pumps for various dewatering situations.

Why are we in business?

Myers-Seth Pumps LogoWe want to be more influential in the lives of those we serve. We hope that our ventilation systems and various products can better the quality of life in buildings with hard-working citizens. Myers Seth Pumps wishes to employ people who can flourish within our company and contribute any way they can. Boarding innovators onto our train are how we keep our company top tier.

Myers Seth Pumps is striving to be recognized for our custom-made pumps and impeccable design that hasn’t failed us since 1991. We pride ourselves on being able to run our company centered around Christ and bringing along employees who will be inclined to do the same.


Myers Seth allows God to be the driving force in the direction of our personal and professional lives. To keep up with competing companies, we keep our engineers innovating and uniquely designing our technology to perform at its highest level. We aim to approach each customer with maximum attention and capability.

Building relationships with the community are an indispensable way to keep tightknit relationships with customers and a positive outlook with the hopes of gaining more clients in the future.

What we do to keep up with the competition

We design and offer only the highest-quality dewatering pumps with a low competitive rate of operation. Aside from selling our pumps, we also rent them out to companies if it’s only needed temporarily. We service our equipment to industrial companies in need of dewatering products.

Myers-Seth Pumps Employees Working on a PumpWe build upon our existing relationships with customers as well as potential patrons. Word-of-mouth is a sure-fire way to spread the news about Myers Seth to friends, family, and coworkers. Exceeding expectations is one of the many ways we keep you coming back for more.

Overall, with Myers Seth Pumps, you’re choosing dedicated, innovative, and reputable employees with flawless skill.

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